About Us

We have been around for a long, long time and are loved by many!

Rhoda’s opened in September, 1988 in an older home across from the Old University Campus on College Ave. Today we have expanded to two locations on the east and south sides of Regina. My daughter Kristin has taken the business into Alberta with now 7 stores in total.

The Consignment shopping fad has arisen with our changing times. A small number of customers living on low budgets and a much larger number of customers living on priority budgets, now choose to spend their money selectively so they can enjoy holidays, send their kids to university, enjoy their favorite hobbies or simply retire in style!

Consignment shopping is exciting! The selection is unique which is useful when shoppers are trying to find a reflection of themselves in their choice of clothing. With the prices being so reasonable ladies are more likely to change their styles as their moods dictate with no guilt attached!

As a final note, I wish to thank all of you who are providing the vast amount of charity that is being generated by Rhoda’s. We do our best to distribute it to those you can use it best. You are helping those in our community and elsewhere that are in need. By working with a team of volunteers we are able to get the much needed clothing to those in need. Be rest assured your donations are going to very good causes in and around Regina.

The Log House – is our primary charity. This organization has an outlet store at 2741 Dewdney Ave close to those who need their services most. It is run by a group of volunteers who work diligently helping those in need.

Dress for Success – the top end items that are forwarded to charity go to Dress for Success. DFS assists women making their way back into the workforce.

These are our primary charities, but we assist any churches or other organizations who request our help from time to time.

Our Mission

We strive to make your shopping experience with Rhoda’s a rewarding one. With friendly staff and a wonderful selection of quality fashions at a very reasonable price we hope that all our customers find a little treasure that will make their day that much better!

Thank you Regina for the past 30 wonderful years!